Tarangire national park can be best described as the “land of elephants” due to the massive herds sometimes reaching upwards of 300 individuals. The Tarangire River meanders through the park and serves as the primary source of water for all the incredible wildlife that calls this park home.it is also often considered one of the most underrated wildlife parks in all of Africa with 4 of the big five. Tarangire national park covers 1000sqkms and the landscapes are certainly varied. The key features are the Tarangire River, baobab and acacia trees, and season swamps that are home to the hippos. Whereas some areas are dominated by woodland, others are relatively open plains

Wildlife in Tarangire national park

With the second-highest concentration of wildlife during the dry season, Tarangire has incredible game viewing opportunities with huge herds of elephants. Elephants in particular have made this park their home and visiting without seeing them would be a surprise and loads of lions. You are sure to see plenty of impalas, warthogs, waterbucks, leopards and buffaloes. Giraffes are also common here as well as several migratory herbivores like zebras, wildebeest, gazelle and even eland. The tiny dik- dik in under the bush and dwarf mongoose in the abandoned termite mounds are a unique view. Very lucky visitors have a chance of spotting cheetahs and wild dogs.


By road, Tarangire national park is an easy drive from Arusha which is a 2-hour drive to the park and by air ,Arusha is served by two airports i.e. Arusha airport and Kilimanjaro international airport that have daily flights from local, African and international airlines

Best time to visit

In general, wildlife is always difficult to find during the wet season. The wet season (November-may) produces more vegetation which gives animals space to hide. The animals also have more water access sources .therefor the dry months (June-October) are the most favorable months for a safari in Tarangire national park.


Due to its proximity to the tourism hub of karatu, visitors are often around there. Numerous lodges are available varying to your budget.

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