About Us​

Shekinah Tours and Travels embarks on an odyssey to metamorphose your African escapades into unparalleled experiences – ones where you traverse the lands with a companion in your heart and travel with a purpose to maximize your sojourn while effectuating positive change in the lives of locals who frequent our prime attractions.

As your safari savants, we tailor-make your individualized expeditions to engender profound experiences. Whenever you traverse East Africa, we’ll apprise you of distinctive, indelible activities to partake in and how to effectuate a positive influence on the lives of others.


Our ethos of sustainability lies at the nucleus of how we curate your sojourns to the neighboring regions.

With Shekinah Tours and Travels at your side (and in your pocket), relishing unforgettable moments is all that awaits. Hundreds have realized their safari reveries through shekinah Tours and Travels, and we remain resolute in improving our services.

We’re on a quest to redefine how people connect to the destinations they visit so that every individual who travels with us voyages with and for the soul on their African dream safari. It’s all about crafting your African journey to align with your interests, with a tangible impact.


Why Us

We offer the  best Safaris around East Africa


Shekinah Tours And Travel has been at the forefront of Gorilla trekking and cultural experiences in Uganda and Rwanda for more than ten years. Our innovative travel strategies are geared towards delivering unrivaled satisfaction and an experience that is qualitatively superior. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke tours tailored to our client’s interests, budgets, and time. By leveraging our vast knowledge base, which is rooted in extensive research conducted across both Uganda and Rwanda, we offer unparalleled guidance and advice to our clients. You can rest assured that booking a tour with us will be a truly rewarding and memorable experience


We can ensure you that your utmost satisfaction is our top priority. Our tours are designed to provide you with an immersive experience that is not only enjoyable but also safe and secure. You can relax and fully indulge yourself in the unique cultural and natural environments we offer, with the peace of mind that comes from our exceptional accommodations, transportation, hygiene standards, and security measures.

Best Itineraries

We pride ourselves on creating customized tour packages that incorporate your input and feedback. Our team of travel experts works tirelessly to ensure that you receive a valuable and fulfilling safari experience. We conduct extensive research on all of our destinations and lodges and continuously monitor them to ensure that any changes in service are promptly addressed and never go unnoticed. With Shekinah Tours and Travel, you can expect a personalized and exceptional travel experience that is tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.

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